BLENDING: Low-Throughput Blender For Extrusion, Lab Applications

Standard models come with up to 10 components for outputs to 1000 lb/hr.

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The Simplicity Low-Throughput (SL) gravimetric, continuous loss-in-weight blender is made for mounting directly to the extruder, or for use in lab line applications. Available from Advanced Blending Solutions, Menominee, Mich., standard models come with up to 10 components for up to 1000 lb/hr. Typical throughput range is 0.4-250 lb/hr for a 35pcf standard pellet. Actual rates will vary based on material properties and can be tested in the company’s lab.

The SL Blender comes with a Windows Surface Pro-Tablet control system and docking station charger. Multiple units can be combined for a common point of interface, allowing the option for pump sharing, smart distribution integration, recipe function, multi-layer rate, or thickness control.

Standard mounting frame and optional sequence valve makes it easy to add vacuum receivers to the system as needed. Integral downcomer and I/O for controlling vacuum sequencing come standard.