BLOW MOLDING: Blow Molding Controls at NPE2015

Extrusion control and total machine controls.

New controls at NPE this month in Orlando include the MACO Compact systems for blow molding from Eurotherm by Schneider-Electric, Ashburn, Va. The package includes the MACO Breeze IIc parison control and an operator interface based on Microsoft This is a total machine and temperature-control package with open design to allow integration of control functions for nearly any process variable. Options include SPC, math functions, and several communication options. Breeze IIc, with 100-point parison profile and 100-point velocity push-out control, is said to be a suitable replacement for older Hunkar and Moog parison controllers.

Meanwhile, the Max extrusion control system from R&B Plastics Machinery, Saline,
Mich. (see this month's feature story), is also suitable for blow molding. This cost-effective platform utilizes Allen-Bradley PLCs and GE Ifix data-management systems, as well as an economical Windows CE-based operator interface said to offer performance similar to SCADA software systems. It offers control of extruder temperature, speed, amperage, and pressure at a finger touch. Features include logging of up to 100 variables to a USB memory stick, printing of customized production data screens, reports, and unlimited recipe storage.