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BLOW MOLDING: Linear Injection Stretch-Blow Machine Debuts at K 2016

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Resembles a horizontal injection press with a stretch-blow station added,

The latest version of the Blowliner one-stage injection-stretch-blow (ISBM) machine for PET bottles will be introduced at K 2016 this month in Dusseldorf by Austrian moldmaker Mould & Matic Solutions, part of Kiefel GmbH in Germany (itself a member of the German Bruckner group). Mould & Matic was acquired from Austrian moldmaker Haidlmair earlier this year. While part of Haidlmair, Mould & Matic developed the original Blowliner ISBM machine using components supplied by Engel Austria (see July ’13 Keeping Up). Kiefel (U.S. office in Portsmouth, N.H.) has not stated who its machinery partner is today.

The machine overall resembles a horizontal injection press. While releasing relatively few details in advance, Mould & Matic says all movements of the stretch-blowing station are servo-electric powered. An integrated removal device picks and places the bottles on a conveyor belt for subsequent handling by the stacking system. Available in various sizes and customized for individual needs, the Blowliner can produce bottles from 5 ml to 10L at rates of 500 to 10,000 bottles/hr. (Mould & Matic quoted the same bottle size and output range in 2013 for machine sizes of 80 to 400 tons.) Annual production of 0.5L bottles can be from 10 million to 30 million. The machine at K will have a two-row tool.