Blow Molding | 1 MINUTE READ

Blow Molding: New 2D & 3D Blow Molders From Italy

New machines from ST Blow Molding debuted at Plast fair in Milan.


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During the recent Plast 2018 fair in Milan, Italy, ST Blow Molding showed off its latest hydraulic accumulator-head machines at its plant in Monza, Italy. The company introduced the model ASPI 150.3 Duo, which has a single extruder and head that feed two independent 22-ton clamps. Like the ASPI 400 model exhibited at NPE2018 in Orlando, Fla., this unit is designed for 3D suction-blow molding of long, complex shapes, but it can also be used for conventional 2D molding.

Also new is the ISIT 200 for 2D blow molding, the smallest unit in the series (22-ton clamp). The unit shown had a 4 L accumulator head. This series uses a three-platen clamp, in which force is applied to the rear of each platen by a crossbeam. This is said to avoid unbalanced application of clamping force and also accommodates oversized molds.