BLOW MOLDING: New Shuttle Machine and Downstream Modules

Model KCC10 MK3 has 6.6-ton clamp. Plug-and-play modules add flexibility.

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Kautex Maschinenbau, parent of Kautex Machines Inc., North Branch, N.J., has introduced two new products. One is the model KCC10 MK3 shuttle machine with 6-metric-ton clamp, a smaller companion to the KCC20 MK3 (24 m.t.) introduced last year. The new unit has a shuttle stroke of 380 or 480 mm and clamp stroke of 260 mm; it handles up to six cavities. According to Kautex sources, it is competitive with other hydraulic shuttles but includes in-machine deflashing. The overall package also has been made more compact by having the articles go to the back of the clamp and exit from one conveyor.

Meanwhile, Kautex also has a new method of integrating downstream processes such as post-cooling and quality-control functions into the company’s KBB all-electric machines, in a manner consistent with the principles of Industry 4.0. New IntelliGate modules for these functions can be incorporated on a “plug-and-play” basis with the aid of the new Connext interface. Connext is a standard solution that provides all connected modules with compressed air and power, as well as standardized data exchange. It gives users flexibility to exchange the modules on KBB machines and eliminates the need for additional power or air connections. A KBB machine with Connext interface not only recognizes every module, but also the order of modules, even if changes are made to their arrangement.