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Blow Molding: New Six-Layer Coex Head for Packaging

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Kautex returns to in-house production of six-layer blow molding heads for packaging.

At this month’s Chinaplas 2019 show, Kautex Maschinenbau of Germany is highlighting its return to manufacturing six-layer coextrusion heads for packaging applications. The company offered such heads in the past from Germany, but not for some time. It has, however, continuously built heads with up to seven layers for industrial parts such as automotive fuel tanks.

 The new CoEx6 heads are built at Kautex’s Chinese factory for distribution worldwide. “That not only offers better value for money but also reduces delivery times,” the company states. The head can be used to produce containers—primarily for food—in sizes from 500 to 1500 ml. Six-layer heads have a minimum center distance of 140 mm and wil be available with up to six parisons. The heads are compatible with KCC MK3 hydraulic and KBB all-electric shuttle machines and in some cases can be retrofitted to other models.


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