Blow Molding | 1 MINUTE READ

Blow Molding: On-Line Training For PET Processing

PTI adds new training services that let you set your own schedule.


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Plastic Technologies, Inc. (PTI), Holland, Ohio, a leading independent resource for PET package development, has expanded its training services with the PTI Online Academy. Providing the freedom to set your own schedule, this series of video tutorials (typically around 60 to 90 min each) includes courses on the following:

• Introduction to polymers and PET;
• Container design and development;
• Preform design;
• Barrier containers;
• PET recycling;
• Material handling and drying;
• Blow molding;
• Preform heating;
• Blow molding machine operation;
• Polymer to preform;
• Preform to bottle;
• PET industry overview, manufacture, and properties.

The content targets entry-level professionals, as well as seasoned veterans who can benefit from refresher courses.