BLOW MOLDING: R&B Launches Its First Injection-Blow Machines

Designed to minimize wear and maintenance.

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The Max 1800 series are the first injection-blow molding (IBM) machines from R&B Plastics Machinery LLC, Saline, Mich. Until now, R&B has built extrusion blow machinery in shuttle, wheel, and reciprocating-screw versions. The new IBM line is starting with the Max 1835 model, having a 135-ton injection clamp, for producing pharmaceutical, home-care, and personal-care bottles of polyolefins, PET, SAN, and others. It offers a 3-sec dry cycle and output from 1500 to 4000 bottles/hr. A larger  model Max 1880 with 180-ton clamp is expected in July.

According to Walter Priest, a 30-year veteran in IBM production and business-unit director for R&B’s IBM technology, “This introduction addresses the needs of the injection-blow market, which is plagued by aged machinery. We closely examined problems and limitations of current models and developed some innovative features and benefits that are head and shoulders above the competition.”

For example, a new trigger-bar locking mechanism eliminates wear components that require regular service. Expected service life is four times that of competitive mechanical locking pistons. In addition, prefill valves for the injection clamp are externally mounted for easy maintenance, and extra-large-diameter transfer shafts provide long life and accurate position control, thanks to a heavy-duty drive hub, which is electrically driven for precise control. Also, the 5-in. tiebar diameter for the injection clamp is larger than competitive models and resists breakage.

The Max 1835 also boasts a molding table that is plated for long wear and corrosion resistance, unlike competitive tables, which are only oiled and become oxidized. A high-density chrome finish minimizes damage when the mold slides in and out. A convertible tooling center of pressure provides maximum flexibility by simplifying the locating position for customers’ existing competitive tooling.

R&B offers both Siemens and Allen-Bradley controls with 15-in. touchscreen panel. Remote access is available for process monitoring and diagnostic assistance.

The three-station Max 1835 has all its hydraulic components under the molding table. Air assist lifts up the operator gate and has an integral locking system so that it cannot drop unexpectedly, the company says. The safety gate offers access to the control panel at all times.