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Blow Molding: Ultra-Light PET Base Design For CSD Bottles

New base for PET CSD bottles cuts weight by 25%.


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Sidel has expanded its family of PET bottle-base solutions with the StarLite UltraLight for carbonated soft drinks (CSD) and sparkling water. Allowing for a 25% reduction in bottle weight compared with a standard PET half-liter CSD bottle at around 13.5 g, the new base is designed specifically highly carbonated beverages with a short distribution stream sold in countries with a temperate climate. Such products are typically sold through hard discount supply chains that apply regular stock rotation. The new base addresses these chains’ need for more affordable products. It offers even greater material savings on a 1.5 L bottle. The base reportedly offers excellent bottle stability and allows for output rates of 2500 bph per mold (bphm).

Sidel’s StarLite UltraLight solution also comes with an innovative CSD bottle-neck design, a 26/22 neck finish weighing as little as 2.3 g. It has a thread diam. Of 26 mm, inner diam. Of 21.7 mm, and height of 13 mm. It can be combined with the new Novasoda 26/22 cap for CSD from Novembal, a member of the Sidel Group.

And together with the lighter base and neck comes a patented bottle body design, with a rigid waist that prevents splashing when opening the bottle.


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