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Blow Molding: “Zero Cooling” Boosts Productivity Of One-Step PET Stretch-Blow Machines

Five machines at K 2019 will demonstrate new PET stretch-blow technology that boosts productivity by two or three times.
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As noted in the K 2019 preview feature on blow molding in this issue, Nissei ASB will showcase its new “Zero Cooling” technology that boosts productivity of one-step stretch-blow machines by two or three times, as well as allowing for improved PET container strength and visual appearance. The key is moving the cooling stage to the preform conditioning station of four-station rotary machines. That frees up the injection station for the next cycle before the previous shot has cooled.

Nissei ASB will operate five PET machines with Zero Cooling. Two of them will mold 100% recycled PET (rPET) to confirm the versatility of Zero Cooling. Two of these machines were also exhibited at NPE2018 in Orlando: ASB70DPH v4, a mid-range model that can mold a single 10L jar or up to 12 sub-100-ml bottles; and ASB-12M v2, a small model shown at K with an optional IU-10L long-stroke injection unit that provides a 50% increase in shot capacity for large containers or heavyweight cosmetic bottles—or materials such as PP with lower density. As at NPE, it will mold a premium glass-like cosmetic container using standard PET rather than the high-priced, slow-crystallizing specialty grades usually required for such a thick container.

Also on display will be a fully re-engineered ASB-70DPH Advanced Version, that has 40% faster indexing while molding small containers. A double-row ASB-70DPW v4 for small bottles up to 1L in eight to 24 cavities will also be shown, molding an oval shampoo container. The largest model on display will be an ASB-150DPW double-row machine for high outputs of small to medium-sized jars and bottles. Its output is typically around 2.5 times that of the smaller ASB-70DPW.