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BLOWN FILM: Foam Specific Layers In Coex Blown Film

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Macro applies technology originally developed for cast to blown film.


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New technology from Macro Engineering & Technology Inc., Mississauga, Ont., gives processors the ability to foam particular layers on their coextrusion blown film lines.

With individual layer foaming, processors get more flexibility to create a wider range of products on a single line by manipulating different foamed layer combinations within the coextruded film structures, says Macro. Foaming can also reduce product weight and lower resin consumption. It can further improve film properties such as thermal and sound insulation. Moreover, foaming lets processors create opaque products without the need for fillers, says Macro.

Earlier this year, Macro announced the addition of individual layer foaming technology to its cast barrier film lines. Similar to the cast technology, the blown system features a proprietary feedblock through which nitrogen gas is injected. The configuration of the line allows it to be operated with or without foam injection, allowing the processor to easily switch between foamed films and conventional multi-layer film production without changing machinery.



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