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CAD Databases Extended With Key Information

Hasco has extended its CATIA, Siemens NX and Solidworks databases, including information like installation space, for more efficient mold design.


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Hasco has extended its native CAD databases, working with designers to update its CATIA, Siemens NX and SOLIDWORKS databases. Noting that rapid and consistent access to CAD data for standard parts is required for efficient design in moldmaking, Hasco says the native data generated in the original CAD systems also includes the installation spaces, which can save considerable time in the design process. Those installation spaces can be included in the individual design with just a few clicks, together with the contour that needs to be removed.

If any changes are required, Hasco notes that fully parametrized data means that the relevant parts will automatically adapt to the corrections. In addition, the parts list generated eliminates the possibility for any incorrect orders, with the automated ordering process speeding delivery.

Hasco’s CAD/IT specialists offer customers digital support via remote maintenance software, including tips on using the data, with links to the native databases made easy to implement in the CATIA, Siemens NX and SOLIDWORKS CAD systems. Hasco notes that technical specifications for more than 100,000 products can be called up at any time, together with the corresponding 3D design datasets, via its web portal.

Hasco CAD database

Hasco has updated its CAD databases to streamline mold design.