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Cart-Mounted Blending Systems Updated

Updates to Plastrac's cart-mounted blended systems which debuted at NPE2015 include a new touch-screen control. 


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Plastrac is exhibiting the latest iteration of its high efficiency cart-based blending systems, which are designed to be shared between multiple stand-alone processing machines. This new line can make additive and other changes faster and simpler, particularly for shops handling short production runs.

Plastrac says cart-based blending systems, which can be easily moved, accessed, and operated, are in response to today’s just-in-time manufacturing environment. According to the company, the units outperform single-blend cart-based weigh-batch systems in several facets, including scrap reduction.

Plastrac had supplied custom single-cart systems for several years, but only recently standardized the line, formally introducing it at NPE2015. The new cart systems are duplex and fully independent dual models. In the duplex dual design, a single virgin feeder and two different color feeders have a shared controller and blower system, operating independently with either manual color filling or an automated color loader.

This fully independent dual system can manage two different resins for double-shot machines—picture unified material management for a toothbrush application with a hard plastic substrate and a soft elastomer grip. Plastrac notes that separate hoppers facilitate easy color changes, with a full dual able to accommodate two natural resins and up to two additives, using a shared blower system, with a control box that can manage up to six disc feeders, allowing operators to switch colors electronically.

The new mobile systems can be configured in different ways, including by shared needs between machines, physical specifications of the shop floor, and changeover flexibility. Customization includes a version of the core components of a single cart system removed from its wheels to allow fixed overhead mounting for offline blending into a drum or gaylord.

Standard features include a blend funnel that optimizes blending even with extremely small percentage additives. Every feed hopper has an ultrasonic non-contact wireless level sensor with auto shutoff above the cart to ensure resin and additive supplies are easy to keep filled. All system components are reportedly easy to connect and disconnect for fast changeovers and setups. The line also features Plastrac’s new touchscreen controller, which is making its debut at NPE.