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Clamp Configuration Tool

Zero clamping systems can come preconfigured with fitting holes, eliminating a manufacturing step for mold plates.


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Building off the H 3000 zero clamping system introduced in 2017, Meusburger says customers can now order the order the plates they need to machine with the fitting holes for the clamping bolts of their zero clamping system pre drilled. Meusburger is offering this service for its P standard and P special plates range. Customers select the fitting holes via a new online clamping configurator in the Meusburger shop, which can be accessed via a button in the ‘plates’ product group.

Meusburger’s new clamping configurator

Meusburger’s new clamping configurator speeds up plate production.

Customers select one of three clamping types: type A for the direct mounting of the clamping bolt via a thread, type B for mounting via a through hole with counterbore tool from the back side, or type C for mounting on the machine vice. Next, they select the appropriate manufacturer, system and bolt type of the zero clamping system. In addition to Meusburger, the shop features a large selection of other zero clamping systems. The number of bolts, as well as the desired distances, can be defined by a standard hole pattern or individual coordinates. A zero point shift is also possible. The machining sizes of the fitting holes are already preset, but certain parameters such as thread or counterbore depth can still be changed within defined limits. The entered parameters are also shown in the live display. CAD data are immediately available for download.