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5/10/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

Cleaning: Dry Ice Blaster Offers Variable Particle-Size Control

Originally titled 'CLEANING Dry Ice Blaster Offers Variable Particle-Size Control '
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Dial in the precise particle size for different cleaning jobs—molds, screws, and parts.

Ability to select 28 different particle sizes from the operator keyboard is just one of the novel features of the PCS 60 dry-ice blasting machine just introduced by Cold Jet. Its new, patented Particle Control System accepts 3-mm pellets as infeed; you choose a particle size between 3 mm and 0.3 mm, and the PCS precisely cuts the dry ice into diamond-shaped particles in the exact size chosen. This enables the PCS to use one machine to clean many types of surfaces, from plastic parts to injection molds to plasticating screws. Previously, you would need multiple machines with different “aggression level” capabilities for such cleaning tasks.

The mobile unit’s 7-in. color screen and digital controls allow for programmable and password-protected job recipes with selected particle size, blast pressure and feed rate (up to 4 lb/min). For example, you can save different recipes for specific molds, thus saving time and preventing user errors.

The PCS 60 is also enabled with Cold Jet’s Industry 4.0 solution, Cold Jet Connect, which provides remote monitoring and diagnostics (free 2-yr subscription), while allowing users to collect and manage usage data via an online portal. This data is also useful for online technical support.

Besides this versatility and “smart” features, the PCS 60 is said to be a more efficient design, including a “straight through” air system and redesigned SureFlow feeding system, which minimize air-pressure loss and dry-ice sublimation within the machine. This allows users to maximize supply yield and minimize waste. The unit also is said to clean faster and with greater power and a pulse-free blast stream. What’s more, the PCS 60 is reportedly quiet, cleaning more effectively at lower air supply and blast pressure, which minimizes noise.