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COBOT Case Packer for Lids and Containers

Muller Technology says the self-contained case packer is built around an Omron 6-axis collaborative robot.


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Muller Technology (Fort Collins, Colo.; formerly CBW Automation) says the self-contained collaborative robot (COBOT) case packer is intended for the packing of lid and container packaging. The Omron 6-axis cobot works side-by-side with an employee doing many basic tasks without the need for guarding.

The cobot case packer incorporates a standard Muller Human Machine Interface (HMI), which can store multiple recipes for a range of stack and box sizes. The case packer can be purchased separately or integrated into an automation line such as Muller’s new M-Line system, which the company describes as a new integrated robotic and automation system.

Muller says the cobot case packer offers portability and quick part changeover for different size configurations. The product platform will be manufactured in Switzerland and Colorado. Muller reports that it has already sold several units for lids and containers in the U.S. and Europe.

Muller Technology COBOT case packer

Muller Technology’s COBOT case packer is built around an Omron 6-axis collaborative robot.