Commitment to Sustainability in Action at NPE2018

This is an opportunity for show-goers to see a first-hand demonstration of recycling in action. Visit the Westwood Parking lot (behind the West Building) to check it out today.

One constant at trade shows is a high amount of waste generated at these shows. But the Official Recycling Partners of NPE2018 are working to ensure plastic scrap from the show will have another use.

Weima and Commercial Plastics Recycling Inc. (CPR), in partnership with the Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS), are helping recycle plastic scrap from the show floor. CPR has a team on site to collect and remove plastic scrap from the show floor and transport it to the Westwood parking lot. There, Weima has a WLK 15 single-shaft shredder in operation to process the plastic material on the spot. The smaller granulate size will reduce the number of trucks CPR must use to haul the scrap from the show. The plastic is pre-sorted, shredded and then conveyed through a granulator. CPR will then transport the resulting granulate to its headquarters in Tampa, Fla. The smaller granulate size will reduce the number of trucks CPR has to use to haul the scrap from the show as well. 

According to Audrey Brewer, marketing coordinator at Weima, this gives the company an opportunity to help make NPE2018 even more environmentally-focused than it has been in years past.

“PLASTICS is committed to recycling and sustainability, as are Weima and CPR,” she says. “This program is an interactive opportunity to educate both exhibitors and attendees on how easily recycling machinery can be incorporated into a production line and how valuable plastic scrap can be. Weima is thrilled to help demonstrate NPE2018: The Plastics Show’s commitment to sustainability.”

For NPE2018, CPR collected, sorted and recycled 191 tons of processing scrap, which was 62% more than was collected at NPE2012 and 235% more than at NPE2009. PT will report back on how much is collected and recycled at this year’s NPE.  

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