Stretch Blow Molding | 1 MINUTE READ

Compact Stretch-Blow Machine for Complex Bottle Shapes

New compact stretch-blow molding machine is suited to custom bottles with complex or “difficult” shapes.


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1Blow of France, which supplies extremely compact reheat stretch-blow molding systems, is highlighting its next-generation Model 4LO for makers of custom PET bottles. This all-electric system is labeled “O” for “oval” bottles and runs up to four cavities and bottles up to 2.5 L.

Model 4LO is distinguished by its ability to accommodate all five of the company’s Key Technology Kits—for preferential and offset-neck heating; neck orientation for flip-top caps (without requiring a tab or notch in the preform neck); heat setting; base inversion for hot filling (allows for base push-up in the blow mold in two or more increments and for diaphragm bases); and Sure Grip—using a multi-stage mold insert system that imparts a deeper grip into the bottle than can be produced in standard stretch-blow systems, the company claims.


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