Compatibilizer Creates Alloys of Recycled PET & Nylon; Chain Extender Boosts Recycled PET Viscosity

Patent-pending compatibilizer and chain extender technologies allow for recycled PET with better properties and the creation of recycled polyester and nylon alloys. 

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Two innovative technologies for driving increased use of recycled polyester in nylon resins (creating alloys) and enhancing the benefits of recycled PET are being launched at NPE2018 by Vertellus Holdings LLC, Indianapolis, Ind. Both are patent-pending technologies with different chemistries according to global commercial development director Ashok Adur. They are being marketed under the performance plastics additive brand of ZeMac . (In 2015, Adur told Plastics Technology that the original ZeMac additives were copolymers—1:1 alternating copolymers of ethylene and maleic anhydride.)

● ZeMac Link NP is a compatibilizer for creating alloys of recycled PET and nylon that enables these materials to have performance properties closer to those of virgin nylon, but with a significant cost advantage. Adur views these compatibilized nylon/polyester alloys as being similar to nylon/PP alloys, which can deliver performance close to that of virgin nylon but at lower cost and with a sustainability advantage. Key target applications include fasteners, hand tools, furniture, string trimmers and hubcaps.

● ZeMac Extend P is a novel chain extender primarily for upgrading recycled PET. However, its chemistry appears very promising for use with any natural or synthetic polyester, including bioplastics like PLA, PHA, and Ecoflex from BASF. The technology has potential to be very effective in increasing melt strength to enable use of recycled PET in blow molding, as well as extrusion applications like profile and films. 

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