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Compounding: Closed-Loop System for Coex Film Reclaim

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New system permits reclaim of multi-layer production scrap at rates up to 100%.

Coperion has developed a closed-loop system for recycling post-industrial multi-layer film, a recovery process that historically has been challenging and complicated. The recycling system consists of bulk material handling equipment, a Coperion K-Tron feeding system and Coperion’s ZSK Mc18 twin screw extruder.

In the Coperion setup, multi-layer production scrap would first be shredded, then fed into the ZSK extruder via pneumatic conveying and highly accurate feeding from Coperion K-Tron. In the co-rotating ZSK Mc18 twin screw extruder, material is homogenized and devolatilized. Coperion says the extruder is designed to “gently”  and thoroughly mix the material even at very high throughput rates, generating consistently high product quality.

Following homogenization, the recycled material is added back into the production process at rates up to 100%.


Closed-Up Multi-Layer Film Reclaim System