COMPOUNDING: Configure Twins Quickly, Easily

New software allows compounders to set up screw and barrel configurations.

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Entek has introduced a new software program designed for compounders to quickly and easily design their twin-screw and barrel configuration for their specific applications. This new program gives compounders a visual tool for their screw and barrel layouts while enhancing communication between Entek and its customers, the machine builder says. 

The new software has several built-in features, including: 

  • Drag and drop functionality on all components that customers need to specify: barrel sections, screws, metallurgy, etc.;
  • Automatic calculation of remaining space on the screw shafts;
  • Safeguards to prevent putting certain elements where they do not belong;
  • Easier part ordering as complete part numbers are furnished within the program; and
  • Easy save within the program or export to an Excel file options once design is complete.