COMPOUNDING: Cooling Conveyors for Hygroscopic Materials

Unit utilizes stainless steel belt instead of perforated plastic.

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Reduction Engineering Scheer, Kent, Ohio, has expanded its line of cooling conveyors with the introduction of a new Stainless Steel Conveyor (SSC) that cools highly hygroscopic materials during strand pelletizing. The newly designed cooling conveyor is designed for materials such as bio-based plastics, highly filled metal compounds, along with certain polymers used in the medical industry that are water soluble.

The cooling conveyor uses a solid stainless steel belt instead of the standard perforated plastic belt which typically allows water and air to pass through it. The conveyor belt employs a very thin continuous sheet of solid stainless steel to carry the strands, and cooling water under the belt provides the majority of the cooling by transferring heat through the thin layer of metal. Fans placed over the conveyor bring the temperature down an additional few degrees, the company explains.

The cooling conveyors are available as custom-built units to meet the unique requirements of laboratory and specialty compounders.  The cooling conveyor is commercially available and has found use in a range of applications including metal-reinforced materials, bio-based grades, and medical materials. Reduction Engineering Scheer is exploring the use of the new conveyor in a range of other applications.