COMPOUNDING: LFT Strand Pelletizer

High-speed series features a variety of enhancements.

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Reduction Engineering Scheer, Kent, Ohio, has redesigned its line of pultrusion strand pelletizers, launching a new high-speed series that is accompanied by an extensive range of unique enhancements. The next-generation pelletizing system reportedly  helps compounders of long-fiber thermoplastics to handle increased line speeds while improving productivity and maintenance.T

The new LFT Pultrusion Pelletizer delivers twice the rotational cutting speed of previous models, operating at 1200 rpm and allowing for higher linear velocity. The new series of pultrusion pelletizers do not sacrifice performance and are not only faster but ensure the strand control that is necessary for pellet accuracy and quality, according to the supplier.

The pelletizer is available in eccentric and push/pull designs. The eccentric model adjusts the rotor to the bed knife while the push/pull model adjusts the bed knife support to the rotor. The eccentric model has a redesigned ring gear adjustment which allows for precision adjustment and easier accessibility. Meanwhile, the rotor on the push/pull version features a load isolator mechanism which reduces sheer load away from the rotor bearing and allows for cooler operation.

Both the eccentric and push/pull models are mounted on a new slide rail system. The feed rolls and the table are easily movable for easy cleaning and maintenance. A new dust cover attachment is also available.

Another key improvement is the mounting of the adjustable gap cylinder on a stainless steel cover for easy adjustability. A position-locking lift arm connects the cylinder to the upper feed roll. Both models boast a cutting gap adjustment down to 12 microns.

The pelletizer has a push distance between the nip point and the cutting point of less than 3.5-in, compared to six-in for previous models. The reduced distance minimizes the uncontrolled strand zone and ensures enhanced quality.

Reduction Engineering Scheer offers five commercial models in cutting widths ranging from 12-in to 32-in and a laboratory model for one to two strands.