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12/9/2019 | 2 MINUTE READ

Compounding: More Digital Solutions Come to Compounding

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New GUI, ‘smart machine’ features, user friendly app highlight Coperion’s display at K 2019.

Coperion presented digital concepts and applications for networked plastics production at K 2019. First was a uniform user interface for human-machine interfaces (graphical user interfaces or GUIs). These can depict Industry 4.0 functionalities and are being gradually implemented into all Coperion extruders, compounding machines, and material handling systems for compounding. The new GUI design creates a uniform look and feel across the various equipment families and provides an improved operator and user experience. Furthermore, the optimized user interface has been expanded to include additional functionalities. Its presentation focuses on the essential parameters, settings, and functions. Essential data regarding speed, throughput, melt temperature, head pressure, “specific energy input” or “next tasks” can be identified at a glance.

Second was a newly developed intelligent support program (Smart Machine Features) that includes diagnosis and monitoring functions to increase productivity and machine availability. They were displayed display at the show on iPads in an application similar to an app; in future, they will then be integrated into the GUI. Smart Machine Features enable the integration of intelligent functions—for example, alarm-based handling recommendations.

Coperion Compounder with New GUI

These display the most probable causes as well as corresponding solution approaches for rectifying errors when they arise. The machine can thus return to normal operation more quickly, saving time and costs. Implementation of predictive maintenance based on diagnostic data will be possible with these new functions, since maintenance intervals — for instance, changing wear parts or utilities — are displayed. The required parts can then be obtained using the C-Beyond 4.0 online platform. Operation-critical maintenance is displayed as a notification as well as in the overview list in the controls. In this manner, maintenance tasks can be better aggregated and planned to minimize machine downtimes. Coperion’s service department can be notified of pending maintenance via a Coperion ServiceBox built into the extruders and can work with the customer to create an optimized maintenance plan.

Thirdly, Coperion showed its C-Beyond 4.0 app, which makes various applications available for the customer’s use: An overview of the installed machine components with relevant documentation, intelligent spare parts lists for the individual components with an ordering function, and the analysis of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). With this app, Coperion puts important production data from the entire line at the production managers disposal within a “cockpit.” The data is presented in a clear and easy-to-understand format for the purpose of monitoring and optimizing production. 

Coperion is implementing the OPC 40084 open interface, built on OPC UA, into its machines, enabling seamless use in heterogeneous, networked production environments.


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