Compounding: Quick ROI Extruder for Engineering Resins

Twin-screw compounder has a diameter of 58 mm and three possible screw configurations.

Coperion is now offering a cost-efficient high-performance twin screw extruder in what it calls “best-practice design” that is optimized for compounding engineering plastics: the ZSK 58 Mc18 . With a screw diameter of 58 mm and three possible screw configurations, its process section reportedly covers a wide range of applications. Its high torque also enables high throughput rates: for example, up to 3306 lb/hr when compounding nylon 6 with a 30% glass fiber composition (PA6-GF30); or up to 3086 lb/hr for polypropylene (PP) with 40% talcum or chalk. The ZSK 58 Mc18 world proven is based on the same reliable, high-quality technology that Coperion has developed in over 60 years of producing more than 14,000 twin screw extruders, the machine builder says.

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