COMPOUNDING: Rotational Valve Solves Clogged-Pellet Problem

Originally titled 'COMPOUNDING: Rotational Valve Solves Pellet-Clogging Problem'

Gala will be introducing a Rotational Valve at NPE2015.

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Gala will be introducing a Rotational Valve at NPE2015. The valve has a single inlet and multiple outlets. Pellet and fluid slurry flows into a rotating nozzle, which directs the slurry to a hopper that’s connected to an outlet. The rotating nozzle is connected to an encoder, which indicates to the power control system which hopper is being used. The outlets are connected to different tanks in Gala’s Pellet Conditioning System (PCS).

Gala’s PCS consists of multiple tanks that are gravity-fed a slurry of pellets and fluid in a sequential pattern. The pellets in this slurry may be tacky and can stick together if the pellets are not kept moving. A pipe manifold controlled with full-port ball valves has been used in the past, but pellets sometimes lay stagnant in a line not currently being filled, causing a blockage. Gala engineered the Rotational Valve to solve this problem.