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Compounding: Software for Twin-Screw Element, Barrel Configurations

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Software houses library of 3000 screw elements and barrel housings from which to choose. 

Burgsmüller, Einbeck, Germany (a Krauss-Maffei Berstorff company) has developed software for configuring screw elements and barrel housings for twin-screw extruders. Called ScrewCon, the software can be used for configuring the processing sections of a wide range of different twin-screw extruders.

The software provides tailored screw element and barrel housing configurations for any application with true-to-scale visualization. In addition to in-depth process-engineering know-how and the specific rating of conveying, kneading, mixing or retaining elements, the ScrewCon software offers tips on the optimum material selection for the screw elements and housings to increase the service life and the output rates.

ScrewCon has a library of about 3000 screw elements and barrel housings from which to choose for different twin-screw extruder brands, types, and sizes. If the required elements are not available, Burgsmüller can easily add them using the basic data all machine owners have on hand. Burgsmüller can also provide compounders with the most cost-effective screw configuration by integrating special elements as well, like multi-process elements, shoulder kneading disks. or other mixing elements.