COMPOUNDING: Software Helps Configure Twin-Screw Extruders

Users can chose from library of about 2000 screw and barrel housing elements.

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Version 3.0 of the ScrewCon configuration software developed by KraussMaffei (U.S. office Florence, Ken.) comes with a completely new user interface with several innovative features. Compounders can chose from a library of about 2000 screw and barrel housing elements for the different twin-screw extruder sizes in Krauss-Maffei Berstorff’s ZE BluePower, ZE UTi, ZE UTXi and ZE Basic series. Customized configurations for specific requirements and individual machines can be quickly prepared within a minimum of time, says the company.

ScrewCon 3 software is Windows-based and reportedly requires no specific previous knowledge to use. The clear and true-to-scale visualization of screw and housing elements substantially reduces the time required to prepare tailored configurations. As the two elements are directly displayed below each other, screws and barrel housings can be quickly adapted. The user will be able to see instantly whether the two selected elements match or not. In addition, the screw elements can be precisely positioned relative to the barrel housing openings.

The inventory management feature for screw and barrel housing elements lets users automatically view the available stock of elements needed for their purpose and will thus know instantly whether the desired configuration can be implemented or not.

A further highlight of the new ScrewCon 3 software is the simultaneous on-screen display of right and left screws of the twin-screw extruder. Each screw can be individually designed and even different elements can be selected for the two screws if required. In this case, system visualization also helps to avoid installation errors when configuring left and right screws with different screw elements.