COMPOUNDING: Twin-Screw Extruder Now Has Servo-Motor/Drive

New motor said to be much quieter, more accurate.

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Designed for use in pharmaceutical and medical cleanrooms, Leistritz has introduced an improved ZSE 18 mm co-rotating twin screw extruder that uses a brushless AC servo-motor that’s sealed against water sprays/dust. The new motor is also said to be significantly quieter than standard motors, and servo-motor technology facilitates a 1000:1 turndown with 0.01% speed accuracy, which is particularly beneficial in a laboratory environment developing multiple products over wide screw rpm ranges.

Some of the unique/new features that reportedly make the ZSE-18 ideal for use in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) environments include:


  • Segmented stainless steel screws assembled on high-torque splined shafts;
  • 72 Nm torque rating and screw rpms to 1200 rpm+;
  • Modular stainless steel barrels with a tie-rod assembly system for quick change capability;
  • Gearbox positioning plate that allows gearbox repositioning to shorter/longer L/Ds (a cantilevered front-end allows use of gear pump front-end and other devices);
  • Quick-clamp assembly mates the process section to the gearbox for accelerated changeovers;
  • Quick-connections for electrical and plumbing connections;
  • Side stuffer for downstream introduction of shear sensitive materials;
  • Stainless steel base-frame, deemed optimum in a cleanroom environment (no paint); and
  • Allen-Bradley PLC/HMI that’s 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant with  flash-drive download


A ZSE-18 twin screw extruder is available for testing at the Leistritz process laboratory in Somerville, N.J.  The ZSE-18 can be mated with pelletizing, tube, filament, film and/or sheet downstream systems.