Sheet Extrusion | 1 MINUTE READ

Conical Twin for Shear-Sensitive PET, PLA

Machine combines low screw speed with high throughputs and can be furnished with a ‘no-dry’ option.


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eFACTOR3 is showing a MAS brand conical twin-screw corotating extruder that is says is ideal for processing shear-sensitive  PET of all kinds well as PLA—at low screw rpm and high outputs. The machine’s short length reduces overall energy consumption and results in short residence times, which is said to improve melt quality. The machine can be equipped with various degassing systems, ranging from closed vent ports to one-stage water-ring pumps to a three-stage high-performance vacuum system.

For “no dry” applications, the machine can be furnished with an optional PET Feeding Gate, which is used to remove surface moisture from the input flakes in the feed zone of the extruder.

Downstream gear pump, filtration, and pelletizing systems can be supplied on a turnkey basis.