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Connectors Designed With Optimized Flow Properties

All-metal push-in and threaded fittings offer high flow rates. 


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Eisele Connectors’ Liquidline product line provides optimized connections in a range of sizes  for cooling water circuits. 

Liquidline products are available in dezincification-resistant brass as well as aluminum and stainless steel, with 45- and 90-degree elbows made of brass or stainless steel. The elbows are designed with optimized flow properties. Eisele reports that the new swept screw-in elbow of dezincification-resistant brass or stainless steel has achieved better flow rates than conventional elbow fittings in comparative tests, due to the fact that there is no turbulence and no obstruction of the flow to prevent heat dissipation.

The company says the products are suitable for coolant connectors in welding processes, power electronics or high-frequency induction-heating systems. The improved flow rate of the elbows allows use of smaller diameters to achieve the same cooling effect as with conventional elbow connectors.

In addition, a new modular kit system for custom modular multiple and multi-media connectors will be launched. Eisele’s Multiline E series modular kit can combine compressed air, vacuum, gases, coolant, liquids, electronics and electrical wiring in one base body.

The Multiline series has expanded to include an optimized housing version with a practical locking lever that enables connection and disconnection within seconds. This quick-change system also requires less manual force, making it convenient to operate a Multiline E multiple connector that is completely equipped with drip-free adaptive inserts.