Controlled Cooling of Asymmetrical Profiles

For cooling some profi les, the old-fashioned way is better.

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For cooling some profi les, the old-fashioned way is better. That's the view of Allianz Extrusion Services GmbH (formerly TD Tools), a German custom profile toolmaker that specializes in traditional calibrators with individual water and vacuum circuits for each drycalibrator section. Compared with the common contemporary approach of water flow from calibrator to calibrator, the older method reportedly gives tighter temperature control, especially for asymmetrical profiles, wood/plastic composites, and wide profiles like PVC fence panels. AES, which manufactures tooling in the Czech Republic, has stepped up its U.S. presence by acquiring its former rep, Plastic Processing Technologies in Lake Geneva, Wis., which is now AES LLC. (This office also continues to represent Kuag pipe extrusion systems and Pallmann size-reduction systems.) AES recently announced a partnership in Europe with Cincinnati Milacron Extrusion Systems, Batavia, Ohio, and will exhibit extrusion tooling with Milacron at the K 2007 show this month in Dusseldorf. AES: (262) 249-7694/e-mail: . Milacron: (513) 536-3320/

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