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CONTROLS: Cost-Effective Entry To Industry 4.0

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System collects and organizes production data.

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Starting at $1500, Smart Attend is capable of collecting and organizing data for pareto analysis, individual manufacturing goal parameters with active lighting response, remote global access to historical production data, automated resource deployment, up to 8 individual line inputs for collecting machine data, over 150 LED bulbs capable of flashing a wide variety of colors, and a built in speaker capable of 100dB volume level. Connecting to the plant Wi-Fi network, Smart Attend reportedly offers the most flexible, simple, and easiest solution to entering Industry 4.0

Available from Smart Attend Inc.., Toronto, settings can be configured directly over the network via the Smart Attend App. Utilizing ‘plug and play’ functionality, initial configuration can be completed in as little as 20 min. without requiring any additional resources such as IT or trained personnel.


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