Extrusion | 1 MINUTE READ

Controls: Modular Package for Extrusion

System billed as modular and scalable for all types of extrusion control.


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The E+PLC400 Modular Platform Solution with E+HMI150 operator interface reportedly delivers precision control and complete open PLC functionality in a scalable modular form. Billed as suited to all extrusion applications, it’s available from Eurotherm, Ashburn, Va.

Control and visualization are built in the single integrated development environment (IDE), reducing the time and cost of implementing a system, which is said to make it an excellent tool for creating custom solutions for end user and OEM applications. An exclusive feature is built-in Modbus/TCP communications drivers to Eurotherm’s EPack. This allows these two controllers to work together providing what Eurotherm calls best-in-class control and diagnostics.

E+HMI150 touch screen operator interface panel offered in a 13-in. model is ideal for local or remote monitoring and operation of the process.