CONTROLS: System-Wide PLC Control of Auxilairies

New control system priced below older technologies.

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Novatec, Baltimore, has introduced an FX2 NovaNet version of their original FlexXpand control that provides access and control of all Novatec auxiliary equipment through either 7-in. or 12-in. high-resolution color touch screen PLCs, and is also remotely accessible with a networked smart device or PC.

This new FX2 NovaNet provides control of up to 160 Novatec receivers, 20 vacuum pumps, and offers many options such as source-to-destination ID proofing.  In addition, it provides access to other Novatec– supplied equipment, including up to 4 central dryers with up to 48 central drying hoppers (photo top), up to 12 silos with a choice of level sensors, silo fill ID proofing, railcar unloader units, and up to 32 WSB blenders (photo bottom). Other networkable products include NovaWheel Dry/Convey units, as well as downstream extrusion equipment like the company's cutters, pullers and up-cut travelling saws.

Every FlexXpand control can be accessed via web browser by any networked computer, or via VCN App by a networked Smartphone or Tablet. Actual FlexXpand screens are displayed remotely, and changes can be made easily with a simple click.

Processors can start using the FX2 NovaNet Control System on a small scale and expand it as they grow without any extra programming. Novatec has done all the programming of standard Siemens PLCs, and these well thought-out packages have been designed to minimize the confusion and high cost associated with older networkable controls, and maximize the ease-of-use.