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Conveying: Pump is Quiet, Powerful, Energy-Efficient


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The multi-stage regenerative impeller design of the new Conair HRG Series vacuum pumps is the key to developing deep vacuum power for conveying plastic pellets over long distances, while keeping noise levels comfortably low. An optional variable-frequency drive is available to save energy and reportedly makes the new pump ideal for use in Conair Wave Conveying systems,which previously required a more costly LDP pump. 

Conair says its new hybrid regenerative pumps offers many of the best features of previous designs at a price that is about 30% lower than a comparable LDP unit. The secret is in the three-stage pump design, with regenerative impellers that smoothly cut, capture and compress the air with minimal draft or vibration. Like twin turbo chargers on automobile engines, the vacuum becomes deeper and more powerful at each stage allowing the HRG Series pumps to convey material up to 1000 linear ft. Vacuum levels below 12 in. of mercury are possible.


Hybrid Conveying Pump


Hybrid regenerative technology is said to make the HRG pumps extremely quiet. Operating at 60 Hz, the average sound level ranges between 74 and 77 dBA, a comfortable range that does not require hearing protection.


Instead of moving plastic materials at 5000 ft/min or more, creating dust, angel hair and equipment wear, Wave Conveying uses controlled speed conveying (300 to 2800 ft/min) to move material in compact slugs, waves or streams. The VFD also saves energy by allowing the pump to operate using only the amount of power necessary to achieve the desired material speed and throughput. In fact, an HRG pump, running in a Wave Conveying System, was shown to save as much as 50% on energy compared to similarly sized positive-displacement pump at equivalent throughput rates. Even in standard (non-Wave) operation, savings of up to 25% were observed. In addition to energy savings, the VFD option extends pump life by only running at the capacity necessary.

The pumps are available in three different sizes: the HRG-10 has an 11.5-hp motor and is intended for 2.5-in. conveying lines; the HRG-15 (16.9 hp) and the HRG- 30 (42.9 hp) service up to 3-in. line sizes. The new HRG pumps are also virtually maintenance free. The direct-drive system eliminates drive belts that wear and require constant adjustment. No lubrication is required.