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Conveyor Customized for Preform Molding

Dynamic Conveyor says this specialized line addresses four key preform molder areas of need.


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Dynamic Conveyor Corp. says the specialized conveyor line can help bottle preform molders boost efficiency. The four areas of need addressed by the new conveyor include a conveyor belt that reportedly will not scuff or blemish the preforms. In addition, they can operate at a high rate of speed, matching the typically high output volume of a preform molding operation. They can also provide hours of unattended gaylord filling, with the ability to support multiple gaylords being filled. Here the conveyor redirects bottle preforms to the subsequent gaylord once the preceding gaylord is full. Finally, in terms of maintenance, Dynamic Conveyor says operators don’t need to shut down the preform line for conveyor belt adjustments, since DynaCon conveyors utilize self-tracking belting that doesn’t need continuous tensioning or frequent replacement.

Dynamic Conveyor

Dynamic Conveyor’s newest line targeting preforms can redirect product to empty gaylords as they’re filled with parts.