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Cooling: Modular Air-Cooled Chillers Cover a Variety of Processes

Frigel’s 3FR Modular Air-Cooled Chillers combine high cooling capacity and energy efficiency to decrease cooling times for injection and blow molding, as well as blown film and cast sheet/film extrusion.


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Frigel Group says the 3FR modular air-cooled chillers range from 38 to 130 nominal tons and reportedly have a high Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). Each compact unit is equipped with a single refrigeration circuit; high-efficiency Bitzer screw compressor with an optional inverter drive; remote air-cooled condenser; and on-board digital controls.

Onboard microprocessor controls can optimize performance via energy monitoring, self-diagnostics and real-time troubleshooting. The 3FR features a screw compressor with variable capacity modulation. It is also available with an optional inverter drive for continuous modulation from 25 to 100 percent, adjusting to cooling load demand.

The split-system chillers feature an indoor chiller module and outdoor remote condenser, reducing the system’s footprint inside the plant. Frigel says the air-cooled units offer a streamlined technology that eliminates the need for a cooling tower system or glycol. With this setup, each 3FR module has a companion remote Frigel 3CR outdoor condenser equipped with one to seven axial fans. These are available with either on/off or variable speed control. Designed for outdoor use in harsh ambient conditions, they feature stainless steel frames and copper tube/aluminum finned heat exchange coils.