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Cooling: Portable Chiller Line Expands With 30-Ton Unit

Thermal Care’s NQV Series Portable Chillers are available from 5 to 30 tons in both air- and water-cooled models.


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Thermal Care has extended its range of Accuchiller NQV Portable Chillers with variable-speed compressors to now include 30-ton units. The NQV uses a variable-speed compressor and a PLC to monitor the heat load and adjust the compressor speed so that the chiller only works as hard as the job requires. Thermal Care says this design has resulted in energy savings of up to 51 percent for a NQV chiller as compared to a conventional portable chiller. In a release, Thermal Care said the new 30-ton model was introduced in response to customer inquiries. According to Thermal Care, return on investment for a 30-ton variable speed compressor, based on $0.10/kWh power cost, ranges from less than 6 months (8400 hours at a process load of 50 percent) to 2.1 years (4000 hours at 85 percent capacity load).


Thermal Care NQV Portable Chiller 30 tons

Thermal Care’s NQV series of portable chillers now extends up to 30 tons.