DECORATING: Digital Printer Raises Bar For Decorating Plastic Tubes

Originally titled 'DECORATING: DIgital Printer for Cylindrical Hollow Packaging Items'

At NPE2015, Italy's Martinenghi featured its new Michelangelo digital printer for decoration of cylindrical hollow plastic and aluminum bodies.

A new digital printing machine from Italy’s Martinenghi SRL, a manufacturer of machinery for the packaging industry, debuts at NPE2015. The Michelangelo KX48P reportedly opens a new era in the decoration of cylindrical hollow bodies, such as collapsible tubes in plastic or aluminum and plastic cartridges for silicon, in terms of productivity, reliability and quality. This process allows for all production batches to be handled as printing queue, so it is technically possible to carry out a decoration change over with no line downtime, personalizing the decoration of each single tube. Quality is reportedly guaranteed by a built-in camera detection system.

The Michelangelo system integrates a contactless solution—the substrate and printing heads are never in contact—which means there are no mechanical stresses on the mandrel.  In developing the conveying system, Martinenghi engineers have designed a smart solution composed of eight linear motors coupled to a laser measuring system, for conveying the parts under the printing deck with extremely high accuracy. This patented device is said to guarantee the highest efficiency in the printing process.

Martinenghi has been developing a complete training program that starts before installation and includes both theoretical sessions and practical hours on a machine in a production environment. Support after installation is always available thanks to network devices and remote assistance, as well as on-site support worldwide.