DECORATING: Plasma Device For Plastics Lightweighting Projects

Originally titled 'DECORATING: Enhanced Plasma Treating for Composites'

Plasmatreat will feature a new plasma device at NPE 2015 specifically for treating plastic substrates used in lightweighting projects.

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Developed specifically to treat plastic substrates that are increasingly used in lightweighting projects, such as SMC, carbon fiber, and glass fiber, is the new Openair atmospheric plasma surface treatment device that will be showcased by Plasmatreat North America, Elgin, Ill., at NPE 2015.

            A “Certified Clean and Safe” process specifically designed to smoothly integrate with existing manufacturing systems, the new device offers an enhanced variety of treatment nozzles, treatment speeds, and treatment distances—all while connecting to established Plasmatreat power supply options, according to company president and CEO Andy Stecher.