DECORATING: Two Integrated Technologies In One Pad Printing Automation

Originally titled 'DECORATING: Pad Printer for Caps Integrates Laser Marking, Camera Inspection'

The newest compact pad printer from Tampoprint, to debut at NPE 2015, combines pad and laser printing in one automated unit.

A new small and highly-efficient decorating machine integrates two technologies in one pad printing automation. Developed by Tampoprint International, Vera Beach, Fla., the Closure Print Compact Promo +, slated to make its debut at NPE 2015, has a production output of 45,000/hr decorated closure caps, making it ideal for both special and individual series small bottlers.

            This machine, features specifically developed laser and camera modules that can quickly be integrated into the production process, making it possible to print and mark closure caps in one transition, and conclusively inspect the printed parts via camera monitoring. The laser module is comprised of a powerful fiber laser which makes possible the fast and high-contrast marking of the inner surface of the bottle caps. According to Tampoprint, the performance numbers are dependent on the quality of the closure caps and the proportion of the mixed additives. This means that the laser module is simply integrated instead of a feeding rail between the sorting part conveyor and the printing mechanisms. Optionally, even the surveillance of the laser marking is possible by means of a camera.

            The camera unit can be mounted in the area past the hot-air drying. With this, the print the image quality of the printed decoration on the outside of the closure caps will be examined.