Discontinuous Large-Area In-line Filtration System

Ideal for long production runs in extrusion or where ultra-high filtration is required.


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The ILF in-line filtration system from PSI-Polymer Systems Incis a discontinuous, high-capacity filter that is said to be ideal for long-batch production runs in extrusion and where uncompromised ultra-high filtration levels must be continuously maintained. ILF filters are typically used where screen changers are either too large for the application or otherwise cannot satisfy the filtration level requirement without incurring an unacceptable pressure drop.

These new filtration systems feature a canister housing into which the filter pod assemblies are inserted. Vessel size and filtration media are selected according to application-specific data and are designed to minimize pressure drop for optimal flow and run time.

ILF vessels can be fixed in line or interchangeable and are supplied with three- or seven-filter tubes. The interchangeable vessel option accommodates quick change outs. Standby vessels can be preheated to minimize downtime. Vessels can be arranged for electric heat or jacketing for steam/oil heat systems.

Filter tubes offer micron ratings from 0.5–250 and can be re-usable (pleated filters) or single life (slip-on wire cloth tubes). All pleated filters are bubble tested for pore-size verification. All models are designed for operating pressure up to 4500 psi and process temperatures to 750 F.

Polymers typically processed through these filters include ABS, cellulose, EVA, PE, PE-X, PET, PETG, polyamide, PP, PS and others.


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