Drying | 1 MINUTE READ

Dryer Has Digital Twin

Virtual X-ray or MRI of the machine looks under the sheet metal to determine actual status of components.


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Novatec has taken collection and sharing of data a step further with the debut of DigiTwin, a virtual electronic twin of a physical machine that measures and follows every behavior of the physical machine and every key component. The key here is that it is not culling data from the machine-controller PLC, but directly from the multiple sensors located throughout the machine.

Novatec calls DigiTwin the ultimate component and machine monitoring system that observes, tracks and predicts performance. At its booth, Novatec will show a physical dryer side by side with the digital model of that same machine next to it. Novatec compares DigiTwin to a “virtual x-ray or MRI” for the dryer, looking under the sheet metal and within the machine for its actual status.