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Drying: Compressed-Air Dryers Billed as Flexible

Mount directly on machine feed.


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Wittmann-Battenfeld’s Card series of compressed air dryers are available in a range of  models and sizes. Available since last April, three sizes have become particularly popular: Card 6G/Fit, Card 10S and Card 20S. On these units, the desired drying temperature can be set via a touchscreen operating panel, and at the end of the pre-drying phase a signal is sent to release an automatic production start-up. The material drying data can be exported via a USB port or via OPC UA.

With the integrated week timer, the dryers can be adapted to ongoing production planning, and they are ready to run immediately as soon as dried material is required. In the Card S models, the compressed-air consumption is very finely and precisely adjusted to the actual demand by an intelligent digital air volume control system.

Compressed-Air  Dryers

If a material loader is used to fill the dryer, this ensures a continuous material supply, and the dryer recognizes automatically when the drying temperature must be lowered. If the interval between two conveying cycles exceeds a certain period of time, this is interpreted as “no material consumption,” and the dryer then starts the necessary actions to protect the material and to reduce energy consumption.

Card dryers can be mounted directly onto the machine feed. In combination with a claw flange, the appliances can be pushed into a parking or emptying position. Quick-change adapters on CARD dryers can save time when transferring the dryers from one machine to another.