DRYING: Dryer Slashes Energy Demand

Auto adjustment to load can save up to 75%.

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New MJ5-i series dehumidifying dryers from Matsui America, Hanover Park, Ill., utilize the company’s iplas technology to automatically determine and maintain optimal drying conditions while reportedly reducing energy consumption by up to 75%. Unlike some competitive dryers that run continuously regardless of load, the MJ5-i uses the iplas technology to recognize volume variations and automatically adjusts parameters. Once material reaches optimal temperature and moisture level, the MJ5-i reduces power, preventing overdrying and resin degradation.

The series also offers cyclone filtering. Matsui also claims faster resin drying, saving time and energy. Insulated, stainless-steel construction mitigates heat loss for further efficiency. The MJ5-i combines a honeycomb-rotor dryer and vacuum loader with cyclone filter into a single compact system.