Drying: Dryer Upgrades to New, Easier-to-Program Control Panel

More intuitive with more information, control panel conveys additional information on a single screen.

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Matsui America, Inc. (Hanover Park, Ill.) has an all new control panel on its MJ5-i series of dehumidifying dryers. Matsui reports that the control panel is more intuitive than previous iterations, enabling operators to program the dryer for one or multiple hoppers quickly.

The drying status screen now displays overall system status, real-time temperatures, energized blowers and confirmation of desiccant rotor rotation, while the feed status graphically displays each vacuum receiver in the loading system. Matsui says the screen is brighter and sharper than previous models, allowing it to be viewed clearly. Screens snap into view quickly and issue an audible confirmation when new settings are selected.

A visual check of the main screen enables operators to confirm set point and actual temperatures, with access to power buttons for the dryer and material feed system. Also displayed are current power consumption and upcoming startup and shutdown timer programming.

Matsui says the smart features of the new control panel pair well with the MJ5-I desiccant dryer, launched at NPE 2015, which employs its “iplas” technology to autonomously determine and maintain optimal drying conditions, reducing energy consumption by up to 75%.