DRYING: Unit for Low, Mid-Range Throughputs

Dual-desiccant bed units require no compressed air.

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The Vantage line of dryers from Universal Dynamics, Woodbridge, Va. is aimed at applications requiring throughputs from 25–200+ lb/hr.  Standard features include:


  • Innovative dual-desiccant beds containing a dissipated preheat/insulation channel, along with a high-efficiency single blower design, which reportedly utilizes less than 50% of the regeneration energy compared to competitive dryer designs. 
  • A rotary air-distribution valve--a positively ported, proofed process/regeneration valve--containing no wear-prone seals or gasket material.
  • Advanced tower, valve and controls design that is said to result in low dewpoint (-40 F or better) and spike-free 24/7 operation. 
  • A 5.7-in.  full-color touchscreen display, which provides an intuitive interface to the drying operation, allowing access to complete diagnostics.
  • An updated graphic display providing real-time values of key processing variables, captured by the on-board Datalogger, with an integral USB connection for data download viewed via Excel. 


The line also requires no compressed air. Options available include: High and low temperature drying packages; VCL conveying selections for ppen and/or closed loop configurations; special voltage accommodations; secondary process heaters for dual-hopper configurations, alarm annunciation; and remote operator interface.

The Vantage series dryers are pre-packaged with a dehumidifier unit, hopper, and portable vantage stand. Units are available for shipment from stock to two weeks depending on configuration.