Dual-Mold Former Is Adapted for PP


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G.N. Plastics Co., Chester, Nova Scotia, has upgraded its novel dual-mold thermoformer for production of PP containers. The supplier hopes to see its GN1914DM roll-fed continuous former break into PP applications such as hinged containers, large cups, and meat trays. Two robotic stackers, a servo plug assist, and a multi-zone heating oven have been added to the machine. It has two alternating molds that shuttle in and out of the forming station. Products are cooled and removed from the first mold outside the forming station, while the second one is in the forming station. The upgraded unit operates at 45 dry cycles/min. PP containers 8- to 80-mils thick can be made at 20 to 30 cycles/min. At the NPE show in Chicago last month, the machine ran 6-in.-deep, 80-mil PP tubs at about 22 cycles/min.

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