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Dust-Tight Batch-Weigh System

System integrates conveying and weighing for speed and accuracy.


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The new Batch-Weigh System from process equipment manufacturer Automated Flexible Conveyor, Clifton, N.J.,  automatically transfers, weighs, and dispenses precise amounts of powders, pellets, flakes, and other bulk materials into mixers, hoppers, tanks, vessels and containers. Achieving 99% or better batch weighing accuracy, the Batch-Weigh System replaces manual and semi-automated processes with a fully automated approach that eliminates the potential for operator error, increases throughput, and promotes batch-to-batch product consistency. Costly material waste and quality control concerns due to over- and/or under-weighments are eliminated.

The dust-tight system integrates the company's Spiralfeeder flexible screw conveyor with companion infeed hopper, weigh hopper, load cells, pneumatic slide gate, and proprietary drive with integral seals. Featuring integrated, PLC-based process controls, the weighing and conveying system may be easily configured to manage one or multiple materials fed from one or multiple equipment locations to a common discharge location. Multiple recipes may be stored and recalled for fast startup and error-free production.

Batch-Weigh System